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Axial fans and extractors, specially designed to address the needs of environments with very dusty air characterized by the presence of fragments and granules, offer versatile and efficient solutions for optimal air management while ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance.

Ventilatori industriali per agricoltura
Ventilatori industriali per settore navale

Centrifugal fans for industrial applications

Highly robust wall-mounted or tubular helical fans.

Bifurcated tubular helical fans
With motor out of the airflow.

Tubular axial extractors

Tubular helical fans
With external motor.

Large diameter tubular helical fans with direct drive.

Large diameter tubular helical fans with external motor.

Quality control

The level quality
world is our

To ensure optimal static and dynamic balancing of turbines, we make use of electronic equipment complying with strict ISO 1940 standards with G=6.3 grade. In addition, the fans are tested according to the performance parameters defined by UNI 7179-73 and AMCA 210-85 standards, using outlet ducts conforming to the same specifications.

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