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For industrial furnace fans

Centrifugal and axial fans, specially designed for hot air extraction and/or recirculation, are characterized by their versatility and reliability in efficiently managing heat flow.

Ventilatori industriali per alimentare

Centrifugal fans for industrial applications

Transmission-driven fans, equipped with electric motor, with pulley assembly, belts and normalized guards.

Tubular helical fans with external motor.

Medium-pressure centrifugal fans equipped with backward-bladed impeller and thermo-insulated housing with mineral fiber.

Bifurcated tubular helical fans with motor outside the airflow.

Medium-pressure centrifugal fans equipped with multi-blade impeller and mineral fiber heat-insulated casing.

Extraction of vapors and fumes.

Quality control

The level quality
world is our

To ensure optimal static and dynamic balancing of turbines, we make use of electronic equipment complying with strict ISO 1940 standards with G=6.3 grade. In addition, the fans are tested according to the performance parameters defined by UNI 7179-73 and AMCA 210-85 standards, using outlet ducts conforming to the same specifications.

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