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Paper, wood and glass industry

Fans designed to satisfy different
needs in many areas of marble industry.

Fans designed to meet various needs in papermaking, such as heat recovery or ventilation and dedusting in conjunction with appropriate filtration equipment. These fans are also suitable for use in the woodworking industry for extracting chips, dust and shavings as well as in the glassmaking industry for glass fusing, tempering and cooling operations.


They are used for installation on paper mill machines, hoods, heat recovery units, and are specially designed for specific applications to continuous-cycle machinery and process plants where high energy efficiency is normally required. They are also used in the wood industry for The extraction of dust and shrapnel, cooling of equipment, extraction of chemical vapors, transport of chips, sawdust and humidity control as well as for installations in glass processing plants for the combustion process and air temperature regulation as treatments such as tempering or decoration in furnaces require specific cooling solutions.

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